VIO Services

We've been trying to find a way to thank the thousands of Aviation Docs users who distribute millions of documents and think we've found a fun way -- a new club called VIO.

VIO stands for “Very Important Operator”, and as an OBDS fleet manager or operator, you can benefit from it, immediately. It costs nothing, its goal is simply to open you up to new experiences.

The idea is very simple --
  • We think that if you knew the top people we know, they might help you and your organization to grow, become more efficient, safer and ultimately more profitable.
  • We also think that we can leverage our growth curve to obtain discounts and offers for our operators that no-one else can do.
  • We promise not to bother you with stupid stuff … if you’ll let us, we’ll introduce you to specific people and companies who we know to be exceptional in what they do, and where we feel you, as a fleet manager or operator would most benefit by having access to them.