Satisfy your customers. Increase your revenue. 
Deliver All of Your Tech Pubs
in Your Own  App

Your branding, your ideas.

Our customizable, white-label technical publication update solutions will keep your pilots and maintenance technicians reading your documentation, in your own apps.

PDF, Office files, videos, training material, HTML, forms - we send it all on specific regulatory compliant workflows, designed with your end user in mind. Tell us what you need and we'll get it there, the way you want it.

Generate a continuous revenue stream.

Your technical publications department can generate a new revenue stream by partnering with On Board Data Services for your technical document distribution needs, essentially turning your content into a continuous revenue-generating SaaS (Software as a Service).

Satisfaction comes first.

We know that your top concern is customer satisfaction, you want the end user to rave about your documentation.

Why not give your customers the BEST SOLUTION and ensure they're satisfied?

Our apps have a high customer satisfaction rating among operators, pilots, crew members and aircraft maintenance technicians, for many reasons: reliability, ease of use, customer support, free training and a design and support staff that is always ready to address your needs and those of your clients.  

...but you don't have to become a software company to do that, because you have OBDS, with top notch technical support, customer feedback and quality control loops built right into the software to make your job easier while improving air safety..

Reliability is key.

Our reliable and efficient delivery system sends over 400,000 document updates daily to pilots and maintenance technicians worldwide in over 1100 flight operations, and is the state-of-the-art in technical publication delivery.

Our high-speed, high-reliability multiple data centers deliver your documents 24/7. What that means in English, is -- if there's any sort of internet or hardware problem in one of our data centers, another one will keep running. If all main data centers were to fail, our failover disaster recovery datacenter comes online. So your customers will always get their data.

We deploy the solution to your customers, for you.

Relax, we do the heavy lifting! Our team handles all the technical details, application updates, app store management, digital subscription and rights management, technical support, and customer training while you can enjoy the freedom to focus on crafting quality documentation.

Join our ever growing list of satisfied OEMs and technical writers.

Call today for a demonstration! Your company and your fleet will be happy when you become a "Powered by OBDS" Partner!

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