iOS 12 Notice

Dear Operator,

We have successfully completed IOS12 testing the latest version of the following apps which have been released to the Apple App Store:
• Aviation Docs 2.20
• Bombardier Flight Deck 2.20
• Bombardier Flight Deck Commercial 2.20

Our apps are safe to upgrade to iOS12 ONLY If you install the app 2.20 versions.

If you do not upgrade the versions to 2.20 of the app, then DO NOT update to IOS12.

We also recommend you validate that your other applications installed on the iPad are also compatible with iOS12.

Whenever Apple releases a major revision, we would advise caution and that you first test one iPad in your fleet with your account before you deploy IOS 12 fleet-wide.

Should you find any issues, please report them by e-mailing

Latest update: Sept 22, 2018